A short tale of who I am


Bassist. Composer. Sound Designer.

Band Leader. Trusted Sideman.


"I am alive. I am now. I am here, still creating and expressing.

With You, together we are Brave. Weathering the storms.

Started playing bass and singing professionally at 16...

have been a working musician ever since."



"My music is a  musical archaeology, landscape and ecosystem with no boundaries, only frontiers. I may not be a household name- but continue to contribute to my community. Our music rocks in and out of genres, tight rhythms, layered textures -  always engaging and uplifting.  Yes, I keep creating! Yes, I keep forging and inventing my own musical future. You are always welcome to join us!  Everyone is included!  This is  a musical world I am creating, have created, and continue to inhabit. From Tribal Ambient soundscapes to Rocking World  Bluesy grooves to AfroCuban , Pan-American  rhythms and globalized tone poetry.

Working with some fantastic musicians along the way...

Share us. like us. play us. come see us live! 


Thanks for Being!


Thanks for stopping by.             See you out there! " 

- leehoward -  2020