EarthAlien with leehoward ( Beatscapes). A 15 minute epic about three guys lost in the Arizona outback, near Mogollon (near Payson,AZ.) They enter a cave for the night...unbeknownst to them, the cave is a mountain lion's lair. Chaos ensues. Worth listening to the whole piece. This track is from their "HyPnoTizer" Album- Earthalien's 4th- an ambient project that leehoward (leehowardsmusicaluniverse/Cyberia Records) and Justin Parker from New Mexico (Rampant Egos/Solid Ghost)have put together - recording 4 albums over the past 10 years- and their latest: "People are Strange"- their fifth lp; a Best of Collection. ™® 2014 Cyberia Records.