A new track from lee and the boys- leehowardsmusicaluniverse- Joe Livoti- Guitars; John Waller- Drumming; Grant Warrens on Piano; Trevor Lloyd- Violin; Kevin Galloway- Saxes; leehoward- Bass/Voice/Words. An ode to our visits to Five Mile and Willow Lake back in the 80's- when there was lots a of water flowing through the canyons, creeks and rivers of the northern Sacramento Valley...creating great swimming holes, and refreshing lakes in the foothills of Mt. Lassen. We'd go there a few times a year, with friends and family to camp, swim, teach the kids about nature. I wrote this especially for our Friend: Tom Bosque, who passed away 12 years ago, a song to commemorate his life, our young lives, and the rivers lakes valleys and animals of the Sierra Nevadas. Used by permission; ® 2015 Cyberia Records- from the upcoming album "Children of the Universe" from leehowardsmusicaluniverse. Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, Calif. on Pete Townsend's old Neve Board. Engineered by Isha Erskine. Thanks to Owner Mooka for his legendary kindnesses.