Award winning New Mexico Musician!

2018 Winner- New Mexico Music Awards - Electronica

Composer. Bassist. Digital Recording Artist




 Booking Now!

I come with Beats, delicious backing tracks,

my Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Voice and Cajone-

chill backbeats for your Brew Pub, Brewery,

Restaurant, Winery or Marketing event.

Pairs well with good food and great people!

"You were Amazing. I love your music, Next time we get 1,000 people here"”

— Lyra Barron - Owner, Paradiso, Santa Fe, New Mexico

the new leehoward album: 

Children of the Universe 

Dwight Loop: Grooves/Synths 
Justin Parker: Keys/recorders/Stick/Korg 
Nick Browning: Guitar/Engineering 
Arnold Bodmer: Keys/Samples 
Andy Graham: Drumming 
Mingo Lewis: Drumming/Percussion-
Camillo: Percussion 
Reed Combs: Percussion 
John Waller: Drumming/Percussion 
Joe Livoti: Guitars 
Bob Price: Tuvan Throat Singing/Clarinet 
Jeff Sussmann: Tablas/Drums/hand Sonic 
K. Gerard: Guitars 
Amy Hobish: Voice 
Kevin Galloway - Saxes 
Trevor Lloyd- Violin 

Thankyou to: 

 Grant Warrens, Dwight Loop and Arnold Bodmer for all of their support and of course my great mentors and friends:

Paul Bruce, Steve Haws and K.Gerard -

of Critical Town !

 Welcome to my

Musical Universe.


Bassist, Composer,

Digital Recording Artist.

Owner: Cyberia Records.

four new albums coming out this year:

 EarthAlien- "Make Peace with the World",

"Grace. Period"

Rampant Egos Conspiracy- "Fallen Devils" - Double Live Album

Critical Town- "The Outskirts"- 3 CD Boxed Set - 30th Anniversary

leehoward - "Children of the Universe"- 2 CD set - 40th Anniversary





20 albums into his Musical life,

lee is still hard at work, sees no end in sight:

"After all these beautiful years, the thousands of miles traveled ,

the thousands of shows, the hundreds of great players

I've been lucky enough to work with; 

I am still at it, carving away, staying musically curious.  

I consider myself an Evolutionary:

Exploring and Inventing,

but  always connecting back to the great 

Musical Artists  who influenced me and who laid out the path ...

We're still building bridges, tearing down walls,

erasing borders, seeking new Frontiers."


Cyberia Records Artists



EarthAlien and the Futurists

Critical Town

Sacred Human Energy (SHE)


Groove Merchantz

Human Innovation Team

Trio Solea

Rampant Egos Conspiracy

The Big Naturals


Tone Pharaoh




Working with  some of the finest musicians in the Bay Area and New Mexico...

I love seeing lee play live, its always a joyous romp and foot stomping good time!”

— Grant Warrens

Your music saved me from certain doom...”

— Calley Martinez-Hoffler

We danced, we cried, we loved, we dreamed...your music transports me. Thankyou.”

— Reed Combs

Your song made me cry over my morning coffee. As the sun's rays entered the room, I found myself dancing, shedding tears fears and years...lifting my spirit.”

— Dave Lommen

Dude, your music rocks! We come out and see you whenever you're in town! Thankyou, man, for all of your hard work. We feel it, we get it, we're better for it.”

— Dwight Loop

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